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Éthique stricte et bienveillance

There is a fascinating aspect of all American super-hero comics. They tell us stories about characters who try to live a simple, quite normal life until such time as sudden events lead them to call on their powers and face up to overwhelming challenges. Such stories play on the characters’ incredible powers, but also on their weaknesses, their Achilles heel which renders them fully human and forces them to make choices and sacrifices.

Not everyone can boast such super-powers of course. However, every day there are numerous people who achieve extraordinary things by creating, by leading a business, by innovating, by undertaking social initiatives. In doing so, they put their vision at the service of a better society or a company with improved performance. It is these remarkable people, living a life which appears completely normal, who are our modern heroes.

Each person is the hero of their own story, driven by their strengths and held back by their weaknesses. Each of us is at the centre of a story which intersects with those of others. Behind every remarkable personality there is always a life story which is worth telling and sharing, not only for the value of the example it sets, but also to bring a vision to life, to make an organisation reliable and grounded, to inspire or simply to leave a record for future generations.

It is this vision which has led us to invite these remarkable individuals, our modern heroes, to have their stories told through exceptional publications.

Our handling of each lifestory is governed by a strictly ethical approach and sympathetic consideration.

Jennifer De Théleny

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