Michel Rigot

“To the man who loved books”, is Michel’s favourite dedication. It stands as testimony to a passion that has been with him since childhood. It’s from a bygone era to be sure, before the internet, when Michel would devour the Tout l'univers encyclopaedia and delight in the adventures of Phileas Fogg. Since that time, he has kept up his love of paper, of beautiful typefaces, and of images that make us dream.

And it is precisely this passion that drives him to communicate : the love of reading, the eagerness to turn the page and wander through the landscape that a book sets out before us. In short, it is a journey — one we can make without going anywhere, to be sure, but just as gripping, rewarding and unique for all that.

Visual communication is Michel’s art. An unstoppable all-rounder, an all-terrain artist, he has a real addiction to new technologies, which he presses into service for his own creative ends. Through his work, he gets to know companies engaged in a wide range of activities across different sectors. His curiosity knows no bounds : he is just as keen to learn about how billiard balls are made or how organic carrots are cultivated as he is to discover the mind-boggling complexities of a logistics centre. And each and every contribution he makes to the development of the books that Héros modernes puts out is unique : as a graphic artist committed to his craft, Michel has naturally understood the importance of customisations to the production of such works. Thanks to his talent, each personality and each organisation is endowed with its own distinctive and unique coloration. He seamlessly combines his visual art with words, and all with a view to creating remarkable and appealing works.


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