Florence Poncelet

After getting my degree in Classical Languages and Literature, I ended up in the world of finance — international treasury, to be precise. Many years within a large corporate group have allowed me to build up expertise in this field. Sesterces certainly are a world away from cryptocurrencies !

So, numbers and belles lettres... but that’s not all. I’m also a diving instructor, fascinated as I am by the undersea world — and I love to see the shining eyes of a child who’s just learning to dive. I love the sun piercing blue water twenty metres from the surface. I love the shark heading straight for me and swerving to avoid me at the very last moment. And I love the thrill I always get, as if for the first time, when I see a dolphin, or a turtle grazing for seagrass among the coral. I love the confrontation between worlds. The underwater world, with its octopuses, nudibranchs, sharks and other creatures has in fact inculcated in me a passion for travelling and encountering other cultures. I also like the mountains and the warm glow of a wood fire in a small chalet. In fact, I love the whole world and all its wonders. It’s as simple as that....

As for the work I do with Héros modernes, I take pleasure in discovering exciting stories and in bringing my own angle, sharpened by the many perspectives I bring to a story, whether they are of the Cartesian or literary variety. I’m rigorous, humanistic, and passionate, and my values are perfectly in line with those of Jennifer De Théleny.

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