Christophe Hay

Nietzsche said that ‘the secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously.' And he was right…. And the task of the author is to tell stories in a spirit of discovery and danger on the assumption that each life is unique. When reflecting upon it, the raw material for our publications is already there, ready to be told. There is little purpose in our telling the facts of everyday life if they lack flavour, originality or interest. The heroes of our times are no longer the knights, sages or conquistadors of old. They are the renowned entrepreneurs, creatives and artists. What they have in common with their predecessors is that they remain visionaries, strategists and above all, harbour a great love of being different and of being free.

A professional journalist specialising in economics and business, passionate and eclectic with a love for sports, music and literature, Christophe Hay is a highly versatile author often to be found digging around in areas where one would least expect in order to bring out the unique characteristics of a personality and life story. Both a confidant and scribe, he brings thoughts and ideas to life through the medium of the written word and also provides insights into the things that are to be left unsaid. And, after all, why not.

If everyone stands to gain from it ?

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