Anthony Dehez

Anthony Dehez is a contemporary Belgian photographer, and a graduate of L'École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc Liège. He draws his influences from both documentary and sociological work. Over the past fifteen years, Anthony’s work has been published by newspapers and magazines in a number of countries, such as The Times, L'Écho, L’Oeil de la photographie, Vice, Be Perfect, de Volkskrant, de Standaard, Paperjam, and Le Vif.

He often takes a behind-the-scenes, reverse-angle-shot approach, thus giving a contextualised view of the information to hand. And he ventures beyond the scope of what is usually agreed upon when it comes to covering an event — or a life. And alongside that, he has written a number of pieces on managing aesthetics with both a bright flash and ambient light. A born scholar, he seeks to understand and observe the interaction between individuals and their biotopes, customs, and social circles across cultures and generations.

He collaborates with Héros modernes to produce beautiful books, reports and portraits for individual and institutional clients.


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