Héros modernes

Héros modernes is a publishing company that was founded in 2014 by Jennifer Deneffe-De Théleny. 

Although its head office is in the Ardennes in Belgium, its mission of bringing heroes to life so as to render them as authentically as possible, is what spurred the company on, starting from where the story’s central characters live or have lived, and then probing more deeply, and travelling the globe. Ultimately it is a matter of retracing, in a sensitive and engaging way, the adventures of personalities and organisations 

Much more than just a book, Héros modernes offers its customers -- who themselves are modern heroes -- an emotionally rich and thought-provoking adventure that not everyone will be expecting. 

The works that Héros modernes designs and publishes bring together the intellectual and societal heritage of organisations, large companies -- many of them named after their founders -- and families.

Héros modernes has thus far worked in the following sectors : maritime, shipbuilding, shipping, energy, food and beverage, mass distribution, the glass industry, the automobile industry, the tobacco industry, and manufacturing.

Up to now it has offered its services in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the United States, and Algeria.

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