Bring your story to life !

The heroes of today are those who work every day by creating, innovating, taking risks and developing their vision of a better society based on shared values and a strong belief in their own work.

Thanks to a unique approach, Héros modernes is able to tell the story of these unique individuals by recounting their lives less ordinary via a high-quality biography.

Héros modernes is a publishing house which lets leading business people tell the story of their life and that of their company.  We offer them a true human experience allowing them to leave their mark, share their vision and trace their development by means of a corporate biography, an exceptional work unique in terms of both content and design. 

Telling one’s story is an intense and enriching process which allows one to take a step back and reflect upon one’s life and development and, in the end, to get to know oneself better and highlight the best of oneself and one’s values.